Young warriors
reading project

Created by Luis Javier Guerrero, a disabled veteran and currently a juvenile probation officer, the Young Warriors Reading Project provides culturally relevant books to kids currently in detention and to other at-risk youth.

From Luis Guerrero: I selected “warrior” not only because it is the English translation of my last name, but it also identifies these youth as warriors or fighters. Some of these young adults have grown up fighting and given their current situation they need to continue fighting to return to their communities and be productive, successful members of society. Currently the majority of the youth in the juvenile justice system are Latino and Black. Most come from single parent homes and do not have positive male role models. Others come from homes where both parents work and this also leaves the youth with no adequate parental supervision. Most of the Latino youth are first generation to be in the United States and other are have families that are undocumented and some of the youth themselves are also undocumented.  Currently the books the youth in detention have access to are incomplete, they have been destroyed and are missing pages. The books that are intact are multiple copies of the Holy Bible.

My plan is to grasp the attention of these young adults by reading memoirs of people they can relate to, I believe this will captivate them and get them into reading. I then want to move into the youth reading books on their culture and cultural/political leaders, and then challenge them to read about other cultures and their cultural/political leaders. I also want to have books on a variety of topics that the youth can also select from. But the project is not simply going to be about reading, I would want them to also journal about how a particular book resonated with them; there would also be book discussions and allow the youth to share about what book they are reading and what makes it an interesting book.

More on Luis Guerrero and the Young Warriors Reading Project:

If you would like to donate books in good condition, please send to:

Young Warriors Reading Project
P.O. Box 2256
Porter, TX 77365

estrella’s house

In memory of Estrella Rojas, Estrella’s House was founded to provide a safe haven with a child-friendly, non-institutional environment where young victims are not afraid to tell their story. Because of Estrella’s House and the efforts of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo County, the memory of Estrella lives on with a legacy of hope and justice for other local victims of child abuse.

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