Young Warrior Reading Project Fundraiser

Houston Juvenile Probation Officer Luis Guerrero started the Young Warriors Reading Project in an effort to provide quality books for juveniles in detention and at-risk youth with the goal of keeping them from re-offending or getting involved in the juvenile justice system. He leads reading groups with the youth and talks to them about choices.

For more information about Luis Guerrero and the work he is doing, click HERE.

After Luis read Throw, he realized that it would be a high interest book that these readers will connect with. Luis and Rubén got together and came up with the idea to raise money to provide copies of Throw to the project. The goal is for donors to purchase a total of 25 copies of Throw at a discounted price of $14 plus tax.

Please consider buying a copy of Throw for this amazing project! You can make a difference in these youths’ lives!

To buy a donation copy of Throw to support the Young Warriors Reading Project click the button below.